About Michelle

Hi, I am Michelle and thanks for visiting! If you’d like to know a little about me then please read on, otherwise hope to see you soon!

So, I am a born and bred Sydney sider and have loved everything fine art and creative from a very young age. Working out quickly that I couldn’t paint or draw, I then discovered photography whilst still in high school falling in love with traditional black and white. From there, it just grew. Before I knew it I was studying commercial photography at university and putting my hands in chemicals in my own home made dark room! I loved it, and once I shot my first proper fashion campaign whilst at uni, I was totally hooked!

Since leaving university, I worked with some of Sydney’s best Advertising and Editorial photographers and worked in many different genres of photography, but was always drawn to fashion and lifestyle. Never being totally comfortable within the high end world of fashion, (mostly too shiny and fancy for me!)  I decided to work in lifestyle, portraits and interiors. Developing a great list of clients in direct, advertising, corporate and magazines, I was happy.

Then in 2010 I had kids! And there started my love again of fashion, this time with the little people! Not limiting myself to fashion however as I have now an extensive lifestyle background, that I decided to combine the two. So today, I have specialised in the kids industry working with all the things I love; kids, babies, interiors, travel and lifestyle.

Please feel free to explore the whole website and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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